Accounting and Information Technology

Prof.Ahmed Zamel

Professor of cost and management accounting

Dr. Hosam Moubarak

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Auditing

Dr. Sara Hussein Sabry

Assitant Professor of Accounting and Information Systems

Dr. Hebatallah Badawy

Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing

Human Resources Managment

Prof.Adel rayan

Dr. Mostafa Shaheen

Managment and Organizational Behavior

Prof.Adel rayan

Dr Safaa A. Hussein

Assistant Professor of Management and MIS

Investment and Finance

Dr. Mahmoud Otaify

Assistant professor of finance

Dr. Ahmed rady

Dr. Hanan Amin

Assitant Professor of Economics

Dr. Dalia Kaies

Financial Economics Monetary Economics Sustainable Development and Growth

Marketing and International Business

Dr. Ahmed Yehia

Professor of Marketing

Dr.Mahmoud Fawzi

Assistant professor in Marketing.