Why SIB?

SIB realizes the importance of technology-based business graduates who add value to the market through diversely and multidisciplinary world-class education into our curriculum bringing forward Japanese business education, Japanese culture learning and character building, and Japanese educational method.


At FIBH our vision is to create a distinct world class centre of excellence for business and humanities education and research. Our Faculty's idea supports this vision by offering a better higher education and research for students, academic staff and researchers in the region and beyond. By providing pioneering new interdisciplinary fields, we aim to deepen the understanding of business and humanities issues while catering up-to date technologies which is required to create a sustainable society in The Middle East and Africa.


To provide superior educational system for business and humanities students at higher education and research level in Egypt and the region, by fostering the Japanese educational standards and offering pragmatic and innovative solutions. We strive to create the leaders of tomorrow and bring creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial solutions for many of the local, national and regional problems. FIBH will have a global outlook, ethical understanding and the capacity to work effectively in an international business environment and support the establishment of strong business, technical and commercial ties between Japanese industries and organizations, and their counterparts in countries and regions which are served by E-JUST.


  • To introduce new and advanced interdisciplinary academic programs and promote multidisciplinary team work experience
  • To provide society and Industry with competent personnel and future leaders equipped with Japanese management concepts and techniques, and able to transfer ideas from basic research to a marketable product where:
  • FIBH will mutually collaborate with the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science in education, research and community service to enhance business knowledge and other soft skills for engineering and applied science students and on the other hand, technical knowledge of business and humanities students.
  • FIBH will create new market spaces that merge parts of the higher education sector with other sectors, such as media, technology, innovation, venture capital and the like, through the collaboration with qualified human resources from business society and other community sectors in palnning and executing of teaching, research, consultancy, and providing community srevices.
  • Business and humanities programs are usually closer to the society and deal directly with business and social problems, so FIBH will help in enhancement of E-JUST visibility, brand image, reputation, goodwill, and trust as entrepreneurial University.
  • As has been considered in the feasibility study of E-JUST, FIBH will play a significant role in E-JUST financial sustainability.