An applicant applies directly to the E-JUST.
The E-JUST undergraduate admission policy ensures equal opportunity to all applicants who meet the following criteria:
Academic Qualification: An applicant should have the Thanawya Amma Certificate with a minimum grade determined by the University Council, or equivalent (e.g., IGCSE, American Diploma, International Diploma)
English Language Proficiency: An applicant should provide evidence of the English Language proficiency by passing the E-JUST English Language Proficiency TEST (EPT), or by providing other evidence such as a recent TOEFL (IBT), or IELTS score as decided by the University Council. All test results must be within the last two years.
E-JUST Admission Test: An applicant must pass the E-JUST written admission test.
Personal Interview: An applicant must successfully pass a personal interview. The interview committee includes Japanese and Egyptian members to assess the applicant’s potential to succeed in his/her study.
An applicant will be admitted based on the assessment of the Admission Committee of the before mentioned criteria.