This track provides a comprehensive education in HRM to produce graduates who can blend of HRM theory and practice in both the private and public sectors and possess both soft skills for working with people, and the hard skills required to develop and implement strategies and policies in talent management that contribute towards organizational performance

Program Outcomes

General Outcomes

    Apply knowledge in the business and humanities environment

    Understand and appreciate the importance of the impact of globalization and diversity in modern organizations

    Display professional and ethical responsibilities; and comply with regulations and code of ethics

    Effectively use information technology

    Effectively communicate and work within multi-disciplinary teams

    Prepare and interpret reports.

    Analyze, infer and use scientific thinking

    Employ critical thinking skills in business situations

    Effective time management

    Self-management and control

    Apply continuous improvement concepts

Specialization outcomes

    Apply the essential skills and competencies related to the management and administration of human resource functions

    Apply techniques to enhance worker satisfaction, creativity and productivity

    Participate in human resource management research by using applied research methodology, quantitative analysis, and data base technology to evaluate and support management strategies and processes

    Analyze the dynamics of an organization’s systems at all levels individual, peer group, intergroup, and the total organization thereby affording students the opportunity to develop critical competencies required to be internal consultants and change agents

    Develop basic training within organizations in personal and professional development, stressing communications, leadership, team effectiveness, conflict resolution, problem solving and human resource planning

    Create a competitive advantage by attracting, retaining and motivating talented employees Align HR systems with the strategic business objectives of a firm

    Identify the internal and external organizational environment and predict the organization’s impact on human resources.