Approach to achieve objectives

FIBH main goal is to fill in that gap and to create the leaders of tomorrow, given the rapid advances in ICT and the new structure of world economy. Its approach to achieve that goal includes:

Enhancing student’s knowledge through:

    – The use of credit-hour system that allows students to choose courses that fit their needs.

    – Integrating liberal arts as part of university requirements.

    – Integrating the Japanese and Egyptian learning systems.

    – Providing students with more integrated multidisciplinary knowledge.

    – Addressing the needs, not only of the Egyptian job market, but also the regional job markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Enhancing student’s skills through:

    – Emphasizing skills in Languages and ICT.

    – Emphasizing the development of personal and communication skills.

    – Developing student’s leadership skills.

    – Using active experimental learning.

    – Integrating knowledge with practice through internship.

Enhancing student’s disposition through:

    – Emphasizing cross culture understanding and appreciation.

    – Using active experimental learning.

    – Using interactive learning

    – Integrating knowledge with practice through internship.

This goal is aligned with the E-JUST vision and mission.